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Libby Preston

Libby Clara Preston 1951 – 2016 (Facebook Photos) (See Libby Preston’s Obituary)

This site was built and maintained by Libby Preston 2000-2009

This website was hacked several years ago, the pages have now been recovered to the original content as Libby intended.

This site was recovered by friend and mentee Joshua Sweatt of Sweatt Genealogy in honor of Libby Preston and her great genealogy efforts to her family, friends and genealogy community.

Transcript from our Dear Libby Preston from the original website. 

“”My name is Libby Preston and I have been researching the Preston and other related families for several years. In 1967 my identical twin sister Susie had the foresight to talk to our grandparents, great grandparents and other family members to find out when and where their parents were born, who their siblings were, etc. I started building my family tree information using that as my base.

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I enjoy learning about my family. On the transcription of documents found on the various pages, I have left the spelling, punctuation and grammar as it was written in the document. Sometimes there are misspellings and grammatical errors. Personally, I think they add character.

The majority of my family migrated to Kentucky from Virginia in the 1700 & early 1800’s. Most of my grandparents have been born in this country since the early 1700’s. Some of my Alley ancestors lived in Salem, Massachusetts during the Salem Witchcraft Trials (1695) and one of my grandfathers came to America after my grandmother was drowned while being subjected to a trial by water after she was accused of being a witch. Her story among others are located on the page titled Miscellaneous But Interesting.

The links below will take you to my various family trees. Please remember that these should be used as a guide only. Source information is posted at the end of the trees & I welcome any changes, additions or corrections that you can offer. You will also find links to the family trees for Beverly Freeland McQuown on the Family Trees page.””

Family of Libby & Susie Preston

Moses Preston Family – This includes my mother’s (Libby & Susie’s) Preston line. The file is too large to include the entire Phillip Preston Line.
Hatfield – Family of Devil Anse HatfieldThe enclosed data was recovered from Family Tree Maker original source file used by Libby (2008).

William McCoy Family – See my Hatfields & McCoy page for additional information. Includes the Scott & Fletcher families.

Thomas Price Family – The family of Thomas Price, Revolutionary Soldier has been included starting with Thomas’ son Jesse in the Moses Preston Line

James Ward Family – Includes information on the ancestors of Jeff Davis.

Alley Family – Includes information on the Bishop of Alley & the ancestors of Catherine Scott Fletcher. Information recovered from Descendants of UNKNOWN Alley files April 17, 2008 Family Tree Maker Page that is no longer available.

Rees Prees – This tree is not currently available. Family of Alexander Boone Preece

Hezekiah Sellards Family – This tree is not currently available. Includes the John Borders & Catherine Elizabeth Sellards as well as the Jeff & Elizabeth Walters Davis families.

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