Beautiful Kentucky From Libby Preston Genealogy


Below are some of the places I associate with my family in northeastern Kentucky.  Many of these I took in 1965 and 1971 while visiting various family members.  These pictures show the beautiful countryside as well as several interesting places and things.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I will be adding more pictures over the next several days so be sure to check back!


This picture was taken at Jenny Wiley State Park in June, 1965.  This brave woman was my 4th great aunt.  Read her story on my Miscellaneous But Interesting Page

The picture to the right is another picture from the park taken in October 1971.


These two pictures were taken in 1971 when our Uncle Walter Davis took us to see the our great, great, great grandfather’s gravesite.

Joe and Elizabeth Borders Davis are buried just ahead of Walter–really! 


Same place taken a few years ago.  The two sided grave marker can just be seen in the picture above on the right.  Today they are in the front yard of a cousin, Kym Hitchcock.  Thanks to Kym for sharing the pictures.

In October, 1971 on our way to see the burial site of our great, great great grandparents in River, Kentucky, we took this picture and  crossed this now famous swinging foot bridge which was built in the 1930’s. It was used by the people to cross the Big Sandy River in order to save over 40 miles of driving.  It is 420 feet long. It was rebuilt in 1997


My great Aunt and Uncle’s farm in Tutor Key.  Doke & Gypsie Preston Patrick lived here for many years.


These pictures were part of an article in the Lexington Herald on 11-22-1997.  The gentleman crossing the bridge is Dennis Lyons, brother of Anna Lyons Bower that supplied the picture to the right of the renovated bridge.

Paintsville Lake, Paintsville, KY
June 14, 2008