Both my parents families settled predominantly in Johnson, Lawrence and Martin County, Kentucky.  Both families migrated from  Southwestern Virginia, in many cases as a result of land grants from the Revolutionary War. Click on the pictures to see a larger version.




Louvina Stratton and Alexander Boone Preece were my mother’s great, great grandparents.  They settled in Martin County, KY and were married in Floyd Co., KY on October 24, 1822.  They built and then raised 9 children at the cabin at the right.  The cabin was still standing in ca 1975 when the pictures at the right were taken by another Preece descendant, Linda Preece.  The structure at the far right was the smoke house.


The house on the left is still standing in Tutor Key, Johnson Co., KY & doesn’t look much different today.  My father was born in this house. He was one of 6 children raised there.  The family didn’t have electricity until after World War II.

My father crossed the swinging bridge at the right several times.  I took this picture of the bridge in 1971.  See the updated version of the bridge and its story on my Beautiful Kentucky page.


The picture at the right was taken in April 1964 when President Lyndon B. Johnson delivered his now famous “War On Poverty” speech.  That speech was delivered from the porch of one of my mother’s Fletcher cousins, Tom Fletcher.  The picture on the far right is the same house taken in May 2004 by another Fletcher descendant, Jim Fletcher.
The art of carving initials in wood has been around for centuries.  The shutters at the far right are from Eton University.  My 13th great grandfather, William Alley carved his initials in the shutters about 1523.  William went on to be appointedBishop of Exeter by Queen Elizabeth I in 1560.  Exeter Cathedral where he is buried is at the right.