James Ward III, James IV, John Ward, & William Ward

The irony of this family is that James Ward III was killed during the Battle of Point Pleasant.  His son William was a member of his company.  James III’s son John actually fought for the Shawnee Indians in that same battle.

John was kidnapped by Shawnee Indians at the age of 3. He was raised by an Indian family, was given the Indian name of “White Wolf”, and fought as an Indian in their campaigns. He was killed at Reeve’s Crossing, Paint Creek, near Bainbridge in Ross County, OH during a small skirmish with a white party that included his brother James IV.

On October 10, 1774, John fought with the Shawnee Indians under Puck-e-shin-wa at the Battle of Point Pleasant, VA (now WV). Puck-e-shin-wa was the father of the soon-to-be famous Tecumseh.  Puck-e-shin-wa was killed as well as John’s father, James, who fought against the Shawnee.