Various Articles taken from period newspaper accounts. are referenced below. The reader should know that several of them contain inaccuracies.  
(Picture from the West Virginia State Archives)

“Devil Anse” Hatfield Dead
Noted Feudist of Hatfield – McCoy Mountain War Dies at 85
January 8, 1921 – The New York Times

Taken From Jail and Lynched
October 28, 1889 – The New York TimesRough-And-Tumble Battle
Elliott Mounts
November 3, 1888
New York Times
Charged With Murder
June 4, 1890 – The New York Times
A Battle With Outlaws
July 26, 1888
The New York Times
Another Bloody Chapter
January 20, 1888
Washington Post
A Famous Kentucky Feud
April 16, 1888
Washington Post
Sid Hatfield & Ed Chambers
Shot To Death at Welch, WV
August 5, 1921
Big Sandy News

Johnse Hatfield Dead
Big Sandy News
December 20, 1888

Note – this was not accurate. Johnse lived until 1922

Cap Hatfield Dies – Famed as Feudist

Cap Hatfield’s Home – Picture from Robert Barker’s Collection.  Cap Hatfield was the son of Devil Anse Hatfield and considered one of the most notorious of the Hatfield Clan.

Funeral Held for Tennis Hatfield, Grandson of McCoy Feud Leader-
New York Times: December 21, 1978

Bluefield Daily Telegraph 1897
After a Desperado
Thirty Men in Pursuit of Frank Phillips
“Bad Frank Phillips”Old Hatcher’s Loss
Source Unknown – An article of murder & robbery
One More Hatfield Bites The Dust
November 16, 1924
New York Times 
Hatfield McCoy Feud Reopened
March 21, 1894
Washington Post
“Capt.” Hatfield, Shot By Brother, Is Dying
September 20, 1906
Washington Post 
Untitled Article from The New York Times
January 27, 1888
Maired Hatfield Hanged & His Confession

This young man was hanged for murder.  The article indicates he is related to the famed Hatfield gang.

“Maired Hatfield”