My father is the son of Claude C. & Fannie Mae Davis Preston.
These are his father’s family.  For Fannie’s family go to My Father’s Family 2 Page



John Eliphas & Clara Daniel lived at Thealka, Johnson Co., KY. They had three more children other than those in the picture.

The picture on the left is of John Eliphas & Clara Daniel Preston and their family.  Clara & John are each holding one of the twins, Claude (my grandfather) and Lloyd.  Their daughter Gypsie is standing in the middle.  Note that there are two pictures on the bottom.  These small pictures were added at a later time and they are of their daughter Dixie on the left and son Clyde on the right.The picture on the left is of their daughter Dixie.  This beautiful little girl died only a few weeks after this portrait was done.  She was only 2 1/2 years old.  Her cause of death was probably meningitis.  She has become the image I use for my www.Libby-Genealogy.Com logo. After you click on the thumbnail, you may be able to see that she is holding a picture on her lap, wearing a delicate bracelet and has on a baby ring.

John & Clara in later years.  He was known as “Frosty John” because he was totally white headed by the age of 30. Below is a picture of them on their 50th anniversary.

The picture below is my great Aunt Rushie Preston.  She is the daughter of John Eliphas & Clara Daniel Preston.

This wonderful lady is currently living in Indiana. She was 92 on August 3, 2006.  She was a school teacher in Tutor Key, Johnson Co., KY and later moved to Lakewood, OH.

The picture above is of Claude and Lloyd when they were about 5 years old.  The one on the right was taken at a fair when they were in their early twenties. They were sons of John Eliphas & Clara Daniel Preston. The two below are them in 1965.  They still looked remarkably alike for adult twins.  My grandfather Claude is below and his brother Lloyd is on the left.


This is my great Aunt Gypsie Preston Patrick when she was 15.  It was taken in 1912.  She was the daughter of John Eliphas & Clara Daniel.


The picture below is of Clara’s father, Thomas Jefferson Daniel taken about 1900.  He served in the 39th Kentucky Infantry in the Civil War.

 Thomas was in the Civil War serving in the 39th Kentucky Infantry

The picture to the left is my great uncle Clyde C. Preston.  He married Beulah Bowlin.  Aunt Bo was 1/2 Cherokee Indian.  Susie & I used to love to hear her telling stories of her mother babysitting for Leonard Sly….better known as Roy Rogers!

Bo’s father was a Cherokee Indian Chief.  His father was one of the last Cherokee Chief’s to be put on a reservation.

The picture below is that of my great Aunt Ruby Preston Giff. She was the daughter of John Eliphas & Clara Daniel

Thomas Jefferson Daniel & Amanda
Melvina Daniel. Parents of Clara Daniel Preston.