My mother was the daughter of Edgar & Norma Fletcher Preston, Sr.  See more pictures of her family at My Mother’s Family 2 Page.


The picture on the left is my mother’s parents Edgar Preston, Sr. and Norma Fletcher and was taken a few years after their wedding in 1918.  She was 14 and he was 18 when they married.  The picture on the right is of them and their three oldest children, Willie Escom, Rebecca Preston Wells and Marvin Lee.The second family picture was taken when Willie Escom was on leave from the Navy in World War II.  Standing are Doris Preston Davis, Willie Escom & Rebecca Preston Wells.  Seated are my mother, Joyce Preston, Edgar Preston, Jr. Norma Fletcher Preston, Edgar Preston, Sr. & Claude Russell Preston.

Escom was stationed on the USS Hornet during World War II & was one of the first individuals in the world to know that President FDR was dead.  See my Miscellaneous But Interesting page for the story.

This picture is of my mother’s aunt, Vinie Susan Fletcher Goble Horn & my mother’s mother, Norma Fletcher Preston.  Norma died not long after this picture was taken at the age of 44.  Aunt Susie went on to live to the ripe old age of 99.  My twin, Norma Sue Preston, was named after them. 

This picture is of my mother’s brother Edgar Preston, Jr. and her father, Edgar Preston, Sr.  Her father died in 1978.

This picture below is of my mother’s great grandmother, Mary Jane Price Stacy, mother of Lucinda shown at the right. Mary Jane descends from Lynchia Preston & Jesse Benton Price.  Lynchie was the daughter of Revolutionary War Solider Moses Preston and Fanny Arthur.  I am working with 4 other Preston researchers on a book about Moses Preston and his descendants which should be published sometime in 2004.  If you would be interested in being notified when the book will be available, email me at: [email protected].

This picture is my mother’s grandmother, Lucinda Stacy Preston and an unknown gentleman.  Lucinda died of Pernicious Anemia at the age of 54.  This rare form of anemia, which can be hereditary, almost killed me in 2002. The word pernicious means deadly and the condition is not curable but is controlled with injections of the vitamin B-12.  B-12 hadn’t been synthesized in 1935 when Lucinda died of the disease. Both Susie and I have the disease.

On the left is a picture of my mother’s brother, Marvin Lee Preston as a child 


Above is my mother’s great uncle, Colbert Fletcher.  My mother descends from the famous McCoys from the feuding Hatfields and McCoys.  Both her grandparents, Catherine Scott Fletcher and Catherine’s husband, Joseph Robert Fletcher, descend from them.  See my page dedicated to the Hatfields & McCoys.

This picture on the left is of my mother’s grandmother, Catherine Scott Fletcher.

This picture is of my mother’s great grandparents, William Harrison Preston & Lydia Pack.

Below is their son, James Melvin Preston who was married to Lucinda Stacy Preston.