Libby Preston Genealogy Photos

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My Mother’s Family
My Fathers Family

As you can see, Susie and I look quite a bit alike.
We continue to look a lot alike for adult twins as evidenced by the pictures below. 


This little cutie is my great niece Zoey Grace Preston.  She was born August 25, 2006 and is the daughter of my nephew Robert Paul Preston, Jr. and his lovely wife Keli.

When we were 10 years old, the Minnesota Twins won the pennant.  By tradition, they have identical twin bat boys.  Life Magazine commissioned an article called Twins In Sports that was never published.  The article was to have featured the Twin’s bat boys, Olympic twin swimmers and Susie and I playing tennis.  We were fortunate to have a world famous tennis coach as our gym teacher.In 1969 Life Magazine generously sent us some of the pictures that were taken for the article and this is one of our favorites.

The picture below was taken in November, 2000.
Susie is on the left and I am on the right.

The picture on the right is of my nephews Robert Paul Jr. & Jefferson Jacob Preston with wives Keli Rappuhn holding Baby Zoey and Jeff’s wife Carissa Rees.


This picture was taken of Susie and I when we won the Most Alike Adult Twins in our age bracket at the Michigan Twins Association contest.

The picture below was taken of our sister Anita in January 2003.


The lovely lady above is my mother, Joyce Preston.  Can you believe she’s only 14 in this picture? Below is her graduation picture. 

This is my father, Paul Byron Preston.
The picture was taken when he was about 21.
Handsome isn’t he?
The picture below is a more recent picture of my parents..

Our parents were married in 1950.  My mother died on November 13, 2004.  Her name was Joyce but my father called her “Joy” and that said it all.

Nephew Jefferson Jacob & Wife Carissa Rees Preston.  They were married November 6, 2006.

Above is a picture of my brother, Robert Paul Preston, Sr. and my sister in law, Susan Mary Jacob Preston.  They are the parents of Jeff & Robert, Jr.
Bob is currently ranked as a Master Shooter in Sporting Clays.  He shoots in various tournaments across the country.

These are our nephews, Jefferson Jacob and Robert Paul Preston, Jr.

Jeff still builds things, except now his structures are a little larger & include porches, counters, etc.

This is our oldest nephew, Robert Paul Preston, Jr. & his wife Keli Rappuhn Preston. They were married April 8, 2004.

Bob & Sue on their wedding day. 

The picture above is of Robert Paul Preston Jr., at age 3 and the one on the left taken 4-8-2004 shows him at age 25.

This is proud grandfather Robert Paul Sr. holding granddaughter Zoey Grace Preston.

This picture features 4 generations of Prestons.  I’m not in the picture since I was the photographer!

Zoey Grace Preston taken November 11, 2006