Susie and I have always loved old cemeteries & looking at old gravestones.  These are some of my favorites.  Click on the picture to see the larger version.



This is a 2 sided tombstone of my paternal Great, Great, Great Grandparents Elizabeth Borders (1799-1886) & Joseph Davis, Sr. (1802-1886).Elizabeth was the daughter of John Borders and Catherine Elizabeth Sellards.  Catherine was the sister of the famous Jenny Sellards Wiley who was captured by Indians.

They are buried in River, KY at the home of Kymberlee Whittaker Hitchcock who generously provided me with the picture.

Below is a picture of Catherine Scott Fletcher’s grandfather’s tombstone located in Martin Co., KY.

This is of my maternal great grandmother, Catherine Scott Fletcher’s (1880-1932) stone. She is buried in the Fletcher – Goble Cemetery in Calf’s Creek, Martin Co., KY. Catherine married Joseph Robert Fletcher.  Both she and Joseph were descendant of the famous McCoy family. Be sure to check out the story of the Hatfield & McCoy’s feud on my Hatfield & McCoy’s page.

This is a picture John Worth’s grave (1666-1731) my 9th great paternal grandfather.The Worth Family settled first in Massachusetts then in North Carolina.
John Worth is the great grandfather of my 6th great maternal grandmother, Phoebe Worth,  that married Silas Penix.
Notice the winged skull on top of the tombstone.  It signified “death take flight”. Starting out originally as the skull and crossbones, over a period of several centuries, the design changed and became today’s Angel & Cherub’s on our tombstones.
The tombstone at the right is that of my paternal 5th great grandfather, Thomas Price’s grave and it is in Bethsaida Cemetery, Posey Co., Indiana.  A picture of the cemetery is on the far right.
Thomas Price fought in both the Lord Dunmore’s War & the Revolutionary War. 
These pictures were generously shared by Barbara Shaffer Schoenberger who is also Thomas’ 5th great granddaughter.Thomas’ son Jesse Benton Price stayed in Kentucky when the family moved to Indiana. Jesse’s wife, Lynchie Preston is the daughter of Moses Preston and Fanny Arthur.  Moses’ grave is shown below.
Thomas’ tombstone reads:
Thomas Price
Died November 12, 1828
aged 90 years or
he was born
in Culpepper Co Va
& was wounded
in Lewis Battle
at Point Pleasant
by an Indian
in the left arm
died in Posey Co. Ind.

Note Thomas Price’s grave in the left hand corner of the picture. Below is a picture of the grave of his grandson John A. R. Price (1838-1878).

The tombstone pictures below are of  the grave of my 4th great paternal grandfather, William Scott (1784-1864) located in the Bobby Scott’s Cemetery, Narrows Branch, Hardy, Pike Co., KY.The graveyard is lovingly maintained by descendant Bobby Scott who is a direct descendant of William. 
The tombstone picture on the left is of my maternal 5th great grandfather, Moses Preston’s (1762-1842) grave which is located in Ulysses, KY.  Moses served in the Revolutionary War.  He is also my father’s 3rd great uncle. My father descends through Moses’ brother, Nathaniel who also served in the Revolutionary War.  Nathaniel was with George Washington at Valley Forge for 2 winters.

William Scott married Elizabeth McCoy.  Elizabeth was the aunt of Old Randolph McCoy who was the head of the McCoy’s clan in the famous Hatfield & McCoy feud.  See their story on my Hatfield & McCoy’s page.


William’s tombstone is located on the property owned by his 4th great grandson, Bobby Scott, Sr., at Narrows Branch, Hardy, KY. On the left are recent pictures of the cemetery taken by Bobby.  He has placed a new marker at the entrance of the cemetery.  Please be sure to visit the cemetery if you are anywhere near that area.